Introducing Humble:
We're on a mission to build solar electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you exist?

The world is in need of sustainable mobility, and fast. This is where Humble comes in: we are developing and inventing technology to make solar cells more efficient, to integrate photovoltaic technology into roofs and sidelites, and to create scalable solar-powered EVs.

How is my Humble One reservation converted to an order and built?

We will invite Humble One reservation holders to configure and order their vehicles as we get closer to the start of production in 2024. Reservation holders can always email with any questions about their reservation.

How can I charge my Humble One?

1. Sunlight
2. A standard household power socket
3. A standard EV charging point
4. An EV fast charge

Can I invest in Humble Motors?

At Humble, everyone is committed to the mission of clean and scalable mobility and our investors value that. If you are interested in getting involved with Humble as an investor, please contact us at so that we can share more about investment possibilities.

Why are solar powered electric vehicles better?

Solar-powered EVs mean truly clean mobility for everyone. Automobiles and medium and heavy-duty trucks emit 22% of the world's greenhouse gases, a rapidly changing figure if we don't act.

Furthermore, the world is struggling to develop the infrastructure needed for electric vehicles. According to the scientific research nonprofit International Council on Clean Transportation, approximately 1400 charging stations will need to be installed every day just in California to supply the energy required to sustain all of the new EVs. Society is facing a massive problem.

Solar-powered electric vehicles leapfrog the grid. The Humble solution is to allow people to travel an unprecedented distance without stopping at a charger station, using what is available in all parts of the world: the sun.

Is it possible to drive at night?

Absolutely. With the internal battery, our calculations show the Humble One could drive up to 500 miles without any sunlight.

What is the price of Humble One?

The price of Humble One is $109,000 excluding tax and options.

How many occupants fit in Humble One?

Humble One will comfortably accommodate five people.