Introducing Humble:
We're on a mission to build solar electric vehicles.

Nature and technology meet.

Humble is a tech company developing solar electric vehicles. We were founded in 2020 by industry veterans including an award-winning Formula 1 race car designer, a physicist engineer who was the Head of Fuel Cells at Ford, and a tech entrepreneur.

Our team is made up of alumni and innovators from some of the world's best universities and businesses.

Humble is not a normal automaker.

We're a tech company on a huge mission: really clean mobility for everyone.

The world urgently requires sustainable mobility. This is where Humble comes in: we are developing and inventing technology to increase the efficiency of solar cells, integrate photovoltaic technology into roofs and sidelites, and create scalable solar-powered EVs.

Humble leadership.

Humble's leadership team brings to our Los Angeles headquarters an impressive depth of knowledge and experience from the automotive and technology industries. They’re leading us forward to a more sustainable future as we use proprietary solar technology to reinvent electric vehicles.

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Our journey began in 2020.

Humble One has been engineered coming from a radically different perspective. Our performance pushes us to focus relentlessly on optimizing efficiency and safety. We started from scratch, following not convention but only the laws of physics, to get the most out of every joule of energy. We're just getting started.

Current Openings

Come work alongside some of the scrappiest, low-ego, and most innovative minds in the technology and automotive industries. Humble is a community for innovators who want to change the world by inventing really clean ways to move.

There are no current openings, please check back soon. If you can't stand the wait, drop us a line at