Introducing Humble:
We're trying to build long range solar electric vehicles.

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Automotive-integrated photovoltaics

When there's free energy from the sun, Humble One will take it. Our  solar roof, electricity-generating sidelites, peer-to-peer charging, regenerative braking, solar body paint, and solar windows will recharge the battery generating enough electrical power to increase driving range by 20+ miles / day, depending on where you live.

We're on a quest to build an SUV that charges itself with sunlight.

We work hard, we have fun, we like to think of new ideas, we go through lots of twists and turns, and we share an unwavering determination to build the world's cleanest solar-powered electric vehicles.

It's an ambitious yet extremely rewarding project that our innovators from some of the most prestigious universities and automakers are working on.

Our concept SUV is designed to be liberating and grid-independent.

Calculated 500 mile range and 0.25 drag coefficient.
80 square feet of highly efficient and patent-pending solar cells on the roof, electricity generating sidelites, passenger doors, solar paint, and portable solar tonneau can add 20+ miles a day in driving range, depending on where you live.
Conceptualized from the ground up to be as efficient and lightweight as possible while meeting stringent automotive and safety regulations.

Why Humble electric vehicles rock.

We are huge fans of electric vehicles. Current EVs, however, have a scaling issue. Only 3% of the world's population has access to a public charging station within 15 miles, so most people rely on third parties to build the infrastructure necessary for them to use an EV. Tesla, for example, maintains over 20,000 chargers worldwide.

At Humble, we wonder: what if vehicles could be powered by what is already available all over the world? The sun.

You could drive without the need for charge stations with solar-powered electric vehicles. Grid-independent vehicles are the future.